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Discount for Cancer Patients and / or Severe Respiratory Problems


Epoxy is the best floor for those who have respiratory problems due to the perfect cleaning that only a floor made of polymer, without pore and seamless is able to provide. With epoxy flooring, the aseptic is made in the best possible way, keeping the place always clean.


We offer a discount of 15% ~ 20% depending on each case, the room where a cancer patient or someone with respiratory problems, who needs to stay in bed and need a good environment, clean, free of mites and germs.



  • For you get this discount, you need to talk and prove this problem, BEFORE the budget is given. 

  • It is valid only for only peoples who no have money conditions to pay for a epoxy floor.

  • This discount is valid only in United States.

  • We appreciate your depoiment after the job, to encourage other customers, but it is not mandatory, is optional.