iluminação de interiores



light design


TIPS - Updated 21/3/2020
    There is no point in spending a fortune on flooring, furniture, decorative objects, and using COLD white light. It is necessary to understand that white light in homes comes from poverty, from the creation of economical light bulbs from the 90s when technology only allowed white color when it was low cost. A home is not lit with white light unless it is in strategic, purposeful locations which is rare. Ask an architect or interior decorator if they would put a white light bulb on their projects. The answer will be NO.
    Have you ever seen a luxurious place with white lights? Does not exist. Remove all white lights from your home and replace them with WARM white LED lights. That done, you have taken a step towards comfort and economy.
    Do not use lamps in the center of your room, bedroom or room. A direct light in the center, transmits poverty, removes all comfort and hinders the vision of people or animals, since your eye will be with the pupil contracted, blinding everything, without you noticing.
Important: Do not confuse lighting power with the color of the lighting. When we talk about the color of interior lighting, we use the temperature of the Kelvin Scale.

Do not light your wall or ceiling. The secret to correct lighting is to use indirect lighting which is just not lighting everything, only what you need.
Invest in lighting, it will surely bring you comfort.
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We design the end result of your home or business, using high end softwares like Lumion and powerfull renders such as SU Podium for Google SketchUp Professional, so you can know exactly what lighting will look like before you buy anything. This can save a lot of capital and solve various problems in the future.
Look at this job! Entire move was made after virtual projecting.