Floors and Furniture with technology

  Bright, satin or super matte



  Can be applied directly on the tile or underlayment

  Don't necessary to break or remove the current floor

  High durability

  Easy Clean and Maintenance

  Powerful waterproofing

 Super non-slip, avoiding accidents with the elderly, kids and animals

  Electrical insulator because it's a polymer, avoiding electric shocks

  Acoustic insulation

  Super tough, supports heavy traffic

  Infinite colors. The Client says the color and we create it. We have solid colors, metallic, pigments that shine in the dark, pigments that react to black light, special glitter among others

  No pores = no bacteria, fungi and mites

  It can also be made with printed images, known as 3D Flooring

We use the tools and materials of the best brands

+ than 21527.82 sq ft of monolithic floors, built in 3 different states of Brazil, hired by VIP and demanding costumers... like you.


Video testimonials, from cosumers and students satisfacted.


Own epoxy resin created with raw materials from Italy, China and Brazil, made especially for your project, with zero VOC and phenol free.


+ 5 years of


We have know-how that you want

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