Custom table, built with marine MDF and epoxy. 100% waterproof. IP66

Ironman table

Designed and developed by Pedro Damasceno, founder of Piso Brilhoso and Zeny World, a telecommunications technology and technology professional.

Table developed for use by one or two people, delivering futuristic design. Cables, fountains and other things are not apparent thanks to the secret compartment in the back. Ideal for anyone who has a modern home or office.

Custom size, however the standard has L 140 cm x 11 cm x P 50 cm.



  • 400 kg invisible support

  • Constructed with quality MDF

  • No apparent screw

  • Secret compartment for cables, supplies, etc.

  • Interior with matte finish, creating a perfect ambient needed to absorb light and create a visual impact never seen.

  • High power LED strip in the color the customer wants

  • Hidden lighting for greater finish

  • Surface in any color that the client wishes or any design or photo. Customize as you like.

  • Blank sidewalls or burnt gray cement

Bancada da pia ampliada com MDF e Porcelanato Líquido

Designed in the way that the customer wants, 100% personalized in all the questions. The countertop is constructed with MDF and then coated with epoxy or synthetic cement (much better than cement/concrete), both impermeable.

Cheap and with modern design, being able to adapt to architectural projects.